Monday, February 25, 2013

More Grand Bay Hotel

I have posted many pictures of the Grand Bay Hotel from the outside or from the marina but I thought I should post a few pictures of this beautiful hotel from the inside.

Over Valentine the marina dropped its rate to 50 cents a foot so quite a few cruisers took advantage of the special pricing.  Unfortunately, once the rate went up most of the cruisers pulled out which did give us more lounges to choose from at the pool.  

When Roger was up in the states I had a bit of free time on my hands so decided to go explore the small building that you see just as you enter the Bay.  I was totally blown away by the beautiful architecture and interior decorating.  The chandelier in the main entrance was breathtaking.

I am sure no one ever sits in this room but I do love the decode.  I tried the chairs and they were comfortable if I had been a bit taller but then most people are taller than I am.

Same room, just a bit different angle.  I was interested to see the horse sculpture centered right in front of the picture.  I like the look, I probably would have put it off to one side with the candles next to each other.  I have as spot to try this at home.

I see that they have the same problem with light cords that I do.  When you have tile floors there is no way to hide the cords.  I thought ducks were out of date as far as decorating goes, guess I was wrong.

I loved this trunk and know where it would pe perfect in our new home, just don't think the hotel would give it up and I know rog wouldn't let me bring it home on the boat.  Also, how do they keep all those plants looking so good.

Nicki on Seychelles joined me on this walk to the entrance point on the harbor.  We spotted this lovely little beach and had to do some serious shell hunting.  She hunted and I watched, lots of fun.

If only I had a staircase at home, I love the way the asparagus ferns lead you up to the front door.  Again, I am not sure how they get watered, it hasn't rained down here since we arrived Feb 4, but someone must water by hand.

Friday, February 22, 2013

New Best Friend

While we had guests on board last week we discovered we had major problems with the water maker, it just would not fill the tanks!  With four people on Di's Dream we quickly ran out of water and had to head to the docks at The Grand Bay Hotel where we were very surprised to learn that Chris on the sailing boat Legacy was a Spectra Water Maker certified repair cruiser.  This was music to our ears!  So we quickly kicked Carmen an Ron out of their berth and let Chris get to work.  It turns out he is a magician.

Our water maker was making fresh water, but just not diverting it to the tanks.  He went through several steps before he decided we needed a new circuit board which we could have sent down to Rob's house asap.  Rog was going back to the states for his father's memorial service so he could pick it up and we would be able to pull away from the docks once again .

Chris returned to the marina today to give us a hand installing the new board and has us up and running!  So excited, we can finish our season with water to shower and drink.  This is a very good thing.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

A Visit With Friends

    Our longtime friends Ron and Carmen Konkle refused to listen to all the negative press about Mexico and decided to check out this wonderful spot for themselves.  Contrary to the gossip mill,  Bo Derek was not in residence at Las Hadas this particular weekend.

 I am not sure if Carmen was taking a run on the beach or Rog was dreaming again but this picture appeared on his camera??????  Maybe a ghost from summers past.

The mornings are always beautiful when you are on the water and we got up just in time to see the start of another gorgeous day.  It had been a very noisy night at anchor in Las Hadas so we decided to take the boat over to Santiago Bay for a bit on beach time.  After traveling and late night disco music the quiet was wonderful.

The beach vendors were strolling all day trying to sell to both locals and visitor.  Santiago has quite a large influx of senior Canadians so I don't think this vendor was marketing to them, but I could be wrong.  I certainly don't know how he can see his way up and down the beach but I have never seen an inner tube run over a bathing beauty.

After two days in Tenacatita where we managed to use up all our water we had to make a change of plans.  Darn, we need water and the only place to get it is the Grand Bay Hotel!  It didn't take long to figure out our problem when you find that the Spectra Rep is two slips away.  Unfortunately it was not an easy fix, parts have to come from California, so I am tied up to the dock for the better part of a week.  I will suffer through.

I knew Carmen would enjoy a trip into Bara for a bit of shopping,  so we headed out to the Farmer's Market on Thursday while the boys took it easy on the boat.  It was Valentines Day so we didn't think we could get into too much trouble.  We shopped for a bit before heading back to the Hotel by ponga because we had made reservations for a wonderful dinner at the Hotel and we wanted plenty of time to get ready.  More about dinner in another blog.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Out and About

Roger has always loved his hammocks ever since our first trip into Bara de Navidad so many years ago.  We had our good friends Orlando and his wife Linda on board for a trip from Puerto Vallarta to Z-town.  Orlando got off the boat in Bara but his Spanish made this first trip so much easier.  Linda stayed with us to Z-town and got to laugh at all our futile attempts to talk to Mexican officials.  We needed Orlando more than ever  It is so much easier checking in and out now.

 It was very overcast today when we left Tenacatita but the sunscreen went on anyway because in Mexico the sunshine is usually here by noon.  Unfortunately it did not bring the air temperature down very far, it was still in the low 80s as we pulled into Bara lagoon

A water truck had pulled up to the fuel docks so Rog decided to get water on board the old fashioned way, 5 gallons at a time.  Thirty minuets later he wasn't so sure that humping all those containers were worth it.  I am sure our guests Ron and Carmen Konkle will appreciate knowing we have very clean drinking water on board!  I will be much more thrifty when doing the dishes knowing that Rog had put all his sweat and labor into the tanks.  By the way, the water maker is working just fine but the water only cost 16 pesos per 5 gals.  you do the mach, pretty

We are off to Las Hadas to meet Ron and Carmen.  They fly in on Saturday and with the $200 peso per day landing fee at the hotel I think we will pull up anchor that evening and head over to Santiago.  I will report if we can get ashore at the hotel without paying but I understand there is a guard now at the dingy docks!  No fun

Sunday, February 3, 2013


Wednesday we awoke to a beautiful sunrise.  Sun stays hidden until after seven and I have an eight am Zumba class that requires 3,000 steps up the beach so it is an early departure.

 I certainly can't start the day without my cup of coffee.  I am lucky that the yacht club has decided to cash in on all the tourist leaving on excursion boats early in the morning and is selling all sorts of high calorie, high caffeine products.  The days are starting off very cool, low 70s so jackets are necessary early on.

Zumba is being led by my longtime friend Sylvia Fox who is staying in PV for 5 months this year.  She is doing a great job of getting us all in shape and raising money for the local turtle population.  I only made two weeks of classes but am determined to continue when I return home.  Great fun

We even got the guys to walk up the beach with us, well a little slower and slightly behind us.  Their reward was a fantastic breakfast on the beach watching lots of beautiful women shimmy and shake to the music.  Use your imagination.  Over coffee we decided it was a good day for taking Di's Dream out for a shake down cruise.

We had tied our boat to our neighbors during hurricane season so it was going to take some time and engineering to get us ready to cast off.  Lines were very stiff and difficult to untie, next year were won't wait this long to take the boat out again

I am not sure what Ken was doing on his computer because I assure you that there is no internet out on the bay but he is hard at work.  Pamela, Judy and Dennis were definitely in a relaxed mode, Rog as always was checking out his sails.  It was a beautiful day and it was decided  that Di's Dream was ready to go.